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Little Margarine for Error

Case Study: Dreamfields Pasta Presents: “Diabetes 1.0 LIVE” Interactive Webcast

  • Goal
    • Position Dreamfields Pasta as a trusted source of diabetes management information and support.
  • Strategies
    • Provide a consumer-friendly, educational program for people with diabetes, people with family members with diabetes, or those wishing to learn more about diabetes and pre-diabetes management.
    • Leverage the expertise and notoriety of the Dreamfields Advisory Board by featuring members in the interactive webcast.
  • Tactics
    • Employ Advisory Board presentations to educate consumers on Dreamfields Pasta’s unique attributes, versatility and health benefits for those with pre-diabetes and diabetes.
    • Utilize a split screen for viewers to easily follow presentations online; video of Advisory Board members and corresponding PowerPoint slides shared the screen.
    • Accept consumer questions prior to the webcast via e-mail and social media.
    • Promote celebrity spokesperson Sherri Shepherd’s brand involvement and personal diabetes story through a series of messages aired throughout the webcast program.
    • Work with Dreamfields Advisory Board of diabetes experts to answer all 800+ questions submitted prior to and during the webcast.
  • Results
    • Nearly 1/3 of registrants indicated they had never tried Dreamfields Pasta.
    • Total registrants: 2,500+
    • Total number consumer-submitted questions: 800+
    • Media, online and social media impressions: 12,759,000+The webcast is available here:

Case Study: Davidson’s Safest Choice Pasteurized Eggs & Taste Spotting Social Marketing Campaign

  • Goal
    • Position Safest Choice Eggs with food bloggers and consumers as a trusted product that is salmonella-free and safe to use in recipes or applications calling for raw or gently-cooked eggs.
  • Strategy
    • Leverage the status of TasteSpotting, a popular website collection of high quality food photography and recipes, to host and promote blogger-submitted recipes and photography featuring Safest Choice Eggs.
  • Tactics
    • Partner with four trusted bloggers to develop recipes and photography featuring Safest Choice Eggs to appear on TasteSpotting’s home page for one month.
    • Posts on TasteSpotting blog to include one original recipe, one post outlining the partnership, and promotion via social media channels.
    • Feature the Safest Choice logo and related content photos on TasteSpotting home page for duration of month-long campaign.
  • Results
    • Total online impressions: 1.23 million+
    • Total registrants: 2,500+
    • Increased Safest Choice Eggs visibility with the food blogger community and its readers.
    • Inspired creative recipes utilizing raw or gently-cooked Safest Choice Eggs.

Case Study: Wilton Food Blogger Workshop

  • Goal
    • Position Wilton with food media and bloggers as the global leader in cake decorating tools, techniques and innovations.
  • Strategies
    • Leverage the expertise and notoriety of Wilton’s professional in-house cake decorating team to educate food bloggers about “The Wilton Way.”
    • Model portion of event after “food challenges” seen on popular cable television reality shows to encourage participation.
  • Tactics
    • Secure 25 top food and baking bloggers to participate in the workshop held on-site at Wilton’s headquarters near Chicago.
    • Coordinate event activities to include a decorating course, a tour of the Wilton test kitchen, a cake decorating challenge, time to shop at the annual Wilton Tent Sale, an awards ceremony, cocktail party and dinner.
    • Repurpose blogger workshopvideo footage as three webisodes for extended consumer, media and blogger engagement with the brand.
  • Results
    • Number of participating food bloggers: 27
    • Online/Blog and social media impressions: 1+ Million

Case Study: Dreamfields Pastapalooza

  • Goal
    • Drive Dreamfields sales during typically slow sales months (summer).
  • Strategy
    • Link brand to one of the most ubiquitous side dishes of summer-pasta salad
    • Position brand as the go-to source of delicious pasta salad recipes
    • Own the summer side dish season
  • Tactics
    • Leverage the generations-old popularity of pasta salads to give fans an excuse to buy/consume more Dreamfields during typically slow summer months
    • Employ leading food bloggers to create/photograph/promote unique pasta salad recipes for the brand and drive traffic to the program landing page
    • Engage consumers with the brand through recipes, giveaways and coupon downloads
    • Extend the dialogue with consumers via social media and weekly fan emails
  • Results
    • Generated an engagement rate of 30% throughout the 2016 program
    • Total blogger audience and social media impressions: 6,451,203 (2016)
    • Total brand-driven social media and hashtage impressions: 9,522,481 (2016)
    • Program has grown and evolved for six seasons; seventh is scheduled for 2017

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